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The Kharkov-Wool enterprise was founded in 1875 as a factory for the primary processing of wool named after Maniulsky.

Since 2012, the company has been part of the largest textile company 
VLADI Group.
Today, Kharkov-wool is one of the largest producers of scoured sheep wool in Ukraine.
A unique combination of heritage and many years of experience, complemented by modern business practice, professionalism and technology allows us to produce high-quality wool, providing all the necessary needs of our customers.
The company buys and processes domestic and imported wool, which is a raw material for textile enterprises.
The products of our company are used for the production of yarn, worsted and woolen fabrics, plaids, blankets, carpets, felt, faux fur, non-woven materials and felting

 Peculiarities of the Factory are the following:
  • Broad market of purchasing primary products;
  • Modern manufacturing base with the production volume of 2000 tons of clean fiber a year;
  • Effective marketing system which allows to react quickly to the changes in the market as well as to conduct personal market policy in the market. 
 Main Principles of the company operation:
  • Creation of qualitative product;
  • Establishment of long-term partner relations with the consumer of our product;
  • Permanent monitoring and feedback 
  • Expansion of the variety of products on the basis on constant analyzing needs of the consumers of the wool. 

KHARKOV-WOOL - is the guarantor of high quality and low prices!

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