In order to get high quality and competitive product, it is necessary to find raw materials of premium quality at minimum value. That is why we pay special attention to the purchase of raw materials. The geography of raw materials’ purchase of our enterprise occupies more than 10 countries with their own raw warehouses (Ukraine, Russia, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, New Zealand, etc.).

Raw materials are delivered to the enterprise in bales and stored in a special facility used for wool heating.

Afterwards the wool gets to the grading and sorting department where our experienced specialists classify and sort greasy wool by its kinds, types, grades and place it in special bins.

Sorted greasy wool from bins is delivered to the washing drying line, producing up to 2000 tons of scoured fiber a year. The line consists of upgraded seven-bar open-end washing unit ??-5?, three-section drying plant SD/3, as well as equipment for additional wool scutching and cleaning. All the equipment used is produced in Italy and Russia.

To get more qualitative wool, two CORMATEX lines produced in Italy has been installed at the factory. They provide full cleaning of scoured wool from plant and mineral matters.

Our company strives for minimization of production costs. As a result, the fully automatic transition system of scoured fiber delivery has been installed at the factory.

We have combined the packing department, including two COMETA presses produced in Italy, with the finished-products storage area dedicated for keeping up to 500 tons of wool.

The well-experienced professionals of modern testing laboratory are responsible for the quality control of greasy and scoured wool.

A modern fully automated boiler house, artesian well 180 meters deep with the automatic water supply system, river water intake system and a modern wastewater treatment system have been installed at the factory to ensure smooth operation of the enterprise.

Our company is not going to rest on its laurels, as we are always looking for the ways to expand the range of produced goods. Therefore, in 2012 the company installed high-tech equipment for the production of woolen spinning yarn. Today the equipment produced in Italy allows us to produce up to 50 tons of union yarn of various numbers per month.

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