Crossbred wool

Excellent qualitative characteristics of yarn production Kharkov-wool provides for the use high quality raw materials. As many manufacturers of textile industry, the best material for the production of yarn, cloth and rugs is homogeneous crossbred wool and beaver lamb.


  • length is of 90-150 mm;
  • fineness 58/56/50/48 quality (26-33 microns);
  • white with luster;
  • a large ripple, crimp staple, with good elasticity and flexibility.


  • length is of 70-120 mm;
  • fineness 56/50/48/46/44 quality (27-40 microns);
  • white color with a cream shade;
  • Staple-braid construction of Fleece with good elasticity and crimp with mild.

This buys raw wool Kharkov in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Russia and New Zealand.

Buy yarn in Ukraine of crossbred wool and beaver lamb you can at affordable prices from domestic producers Kharkiv-Wool.

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