Merino wool

Merino is a truly unique breed of sheep bred solely for the fine wool of the highest quality. Their fur is an optimal combination of softness, strength and durability. Due to the unique structure and the fineness of the fiber, which varies from 14.5 to 25 microns, merino wool is one of worlds most expensive.

This material Kharkov-Wool purchases from domestic, Russian and Hungarian suppliers. Buy merino wool in Ukraine you can at affordable prices from domestic producers Kharkiv-Wool.

Merino 64 I, I-II

  • the length is of 70 mm or more, 55-70 mm;
  • fineness is 21,5-23,5 micron;
  • an excellent white color or cream and yellowed tint;
  • structure of the staple fleece, high tortuosity, soft fiber.


Merino 60I-II, crossbreed 64/60

  • the length is of 55-70 mm;
  • fineness 24,0-25,0 micron;
  • white color with a cream shade and yellowed;
  • structure of the staple fleece, less crimped;
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